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W140 review

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w140 review

I would hate to think what it would be like in the city. The self closing doors occasionally need to be reset by disconnecting the battery cable. This seems to be good for a month or more. This has to be one of the most comfortable cars I have ever driven. Like all older cars it need regualar service but seems to keep going. I have had it for 3 years now and done some minor repairs. Clutch Fan, wiper switch, ABS computer but that is about it.

Pros: Car excellent fuel economy on the highway. Because it is very heavy it is thirsty in the city. Luckily I live out of the city. It is a beautiful car to drive. Cons: The brakes need a bit of a hard push to get them to re-act.

It is actually so with age there are the odd repairs but so far nothing major. Sturdy, Dependable Car, Good Buy — Slow and Sluggish, this is what this car is about, but it does get great fuel milage, 30 or more miles per gallon at most times, the build is great, its strong, heavy like a tank, and remarkably comfortable inside, safe enough for the Kids, and its not fun to drive but you cant complain with todays gas prices.

Very solid car,no noise as if u were not even driving driving mph as if u are going 50 too quite. Only New Mercedes Can Be Better — even it is 16 years old, there are many options which are not in new cars and also Mercedeses.

I have driven many cars, I have just seen CL is more comfortable.

Mercedes-Benz W140

W has chronic problems that white parts of tail lights become gray and wooden works inside can broken. I think it is not too much for 8 cylinders. Excellent Built — performance is pretty good, appearance is like a limo, gas mileage is very bad, the maintenance is fairly expensive, the brake down level is fairly high as it is aging.

I Love This Car Built like a tank, moves like a sports car. Designed way ahead of its time. Repairs hurt but it'll last forever. Good — goood for going on vaciton and durabil and its graet in the rush hour times but the good thing its havey and stedy on the road its best car for famliy its true about its technolgy is not advanced but old is gold. Merc — The performace is great, steering absolutaly emmence.

w140 review

The quality of the car is good as its only needed repairing once or twice. Its not too expensive to own as maintenance is cheap. The car is very fun as its very fast and has sport mode so very very very fun and everyone should have one. Read More. The test drive was awesome and the salesman loved the ride and I brought the vehicle Read More. Vehicle is outstanding.Jump to navigation. It carried as many motors as a robotics factory, its seats whirring every which-way, its doors soft-closing themselves shut, its rear bumper so distant that a pair of chrome prongs motored skywards from the rear wings so that you could see where this Benz ended rather than hearing it.

But the W was all about bad-timing, this fat, arrogant, ugly-looking car arriving on the crest of a fresh-whipped recession, like Mr Obese making a dive-bombing arrival at a pool party just as the drinks are running out. Mercedes got flack at its Frankfurt show unveiling, and lots of it. But the best bit of S-Class motoring, the most unexpected bit, was the way that you could pilot a car that was as big as a continent through a set of s-bends.

This Mercedes could move, with the alacrity of gymnasts and GTIs.

w140 review

It stopped, too. Driving the door handles off a W is best performed alone rather than with ricocheting passengers, and preferably with a throbbing V8. Reasons to want one: Double-glazing, central heating, wood trimmings — this is your chance to own the wheeled home of financial gnomes. As close as the S-Class gets to a fully electric version, but whether it's the one to buy depends on whether you'll be using it for battery-friendly journeys.

A facelift and a new twin-turbo 4. The best mass-produced luxury saloon in the world just got better. We've tried the diesel version of the revamped car on UK roads for the first time. It may not be all-new, but the latest version of Mercedes' range-topping S-Class saloon sets new standards in refinement.

Hushed, flexible and remarkable value for money. A worthy successor to the CLMercedes' S coupe is a real driver's car endowed with luxury and performance in equal measure. Luxury two-tonne S-class gets a diesel-electric hybrid system, offering a claimed S-class hybrid just doesn't cut the same mustard as its more powerful siblings.

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Mercedes S-Class W140: The greatest S-Class of them all?

Slide of. It was the wheeled technological wonder of but not so long ago I saw one at the bottom of a stack of scrap cars, and another mouldering on a roadside verge. Timing But the W was all about bad-timing, this fat, arrogant, ugly-looking car arriving on the crest of a fresh-whipped recession, like Mr Obese making a dive-bombing arrival at a pool party just as the drinks are running out. On the Road Driving the door handles off a W is best performed alone rather than with ricocheting passengers, and preferably with a throbbing V8.

Facebook Like Tweet Widget. Are you as passionate about cars as we are? Get all the best car news, reviews and opinion direct to your inbox. Haymarket Media Group, publishers of Autocar takes your privacy seriously. You can unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe mechanism on any email you receive from us. We will use your information to ensure you receive messages that are relevant to you.Even though it has a lot of miles, it still rides well, looks great, and has many luxury features.

New Goodyear tires. Price is negotiable to a serious buyer. Pros: This is a great second car. It has many features, rear screen, heated mirrors, heated seats, memory seats, and still has very little wear. It is a 12 cylinder which means you have power when you need it. No bogging down on hills or mountains. The cabin is quiet at any speed, great visibility. Very maintenance friendly, reliable. Gas mileage is moderate at 15 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. Still plenty of parts available at decent prices.

It moves pretty well for its six cylinder, good braking and road holding even in bad weather. Feels safe inside as in the safe. Pros: Heavy autobahn cruiser, planted to the road. One of the "behemoths", they don't build them like that anymore. Once it kick in, then its ok but there is a delay before it kicks.

The driver door is off-line. It has been open to wide. The drivers outside mirrow has a broken piece that will not let the mirrow extend all the way out. It has a few rust spots. I bought the car thinking I can make all the repairs, but its expensive.

Pros: It's still a smooth riding car at its age. Luxury — Smooooth, quiet, powerful, fast, loaded, fun to dirive. Can drive this baby all day and not get tired. Awesome sound system and beautiful leather interior. Double paned glass, self closing doors and the seat belts get handed to you. Bright xenon lights. Largest Mercedes Benz S Class Ever Built — While it's not the cheapest car it does redeem itself in many regards, the main one is the drive.

Ws drive extremely well, they have a planted feel which I've never experienced in anything else, yet they also soak up bumps while travelling on less than stellar roads. The engine is smooth, well balanced and will pull strong from just RPM, a trait I love about Mercedes. The car even starts off in second gear when being driven normally to ensure the start from a stoplight is as smooth as can be, and will only drop into first when really prodded.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class (1991 - 1999)

It's a vehicle that likes to chug along at about RPM and will shift below making it almost silent. The brakes are very smooth and powerful despite being burdened with the weight of this beast.Here we had a car that introduced several new innovations when launched, such as double-glazed side glass and self-closing doors. Of course, the technology went further than that, with the boffins at Mercedes-Benz and more correctly, Bosch also coming up with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution - a system that distributed more braking power to the rear wheels, increasing stopping effectiveness.

This really was the car of the future. But it wasn't without faults. Following on from the extremely handsome W was always going to be difficult, and Mercedes-Benz did itself no favours by trying to hard to make the W impressive, with little effort made into making it attractive.

So, it was slabby. It was also big - considerably bigger than the W, and all of its rivals. But none of that dented its effectiveness at covering continents.

Today, it's still possible to buy these for very reasonable money - just remember that running costs will still be astronomical if you need to do any repairs on it.

Pick of the range is the SEL. Ask Honest John Browse Answers. Recently Asked Questions What's the best way to sell a classic car without doing a private sale? Is my J Reg Defender 90 a classic? What oil can I use in my classic car? How many licensed Porsche models are left on UK roads? I just bought a Jaguar XK8.

Do you have any advice in terms of maintenance and servicing? Sign up to the HonestJohn. Classic Car Finance How to finance a classic car Cheap Classic Car Insurance Our guide to cheap classic car insurance Where can you get quick classic car insurance quotes? Search the forum. Selling your classic car? Introduction Buying Guide Running. Magnificently refined, luxurious and roomy, handles well for such a large car and cruises in hushed comfort, very well built.

Elsewhere on. Money Saving Offers, Deals and Discounts. Hiring rather than buying? Our guide will save you money. Insurance tips and tricks by make and model - could you save? Where can you get cheap classic car insurance? Why Edd China was right to quit Wheeler Dealers. Motor racing great Sir Stirling Moss dies aged A newly developed double wishbone front axle, mounted on a subframe, provided front suspension - a system designed to isolate the body from audible and perceptible vibrations.

Ride comfort was also improved considerably by the soundproofing properties of the windows, the first time this feature had been used in a passenger car series. The 6. With effect from December the S and S models with automatic transmission were also equipped with the dynamic handling control system ESP.

At the same time another innovation - and world first - was put into operation: Brake Assist. At the start of its career and particularly in Germany, the largest ever S-Class did not have an easy time of it - despite having undeniable qualities. Nevertheless, by September a total ofsedans from the W series had been built - 28, of them with diesel engines.

As with the predecessor models of the W series and generations of Mercedes-Benz premium-class series before them, the normal version was also accompanied by a long-wheelbase variant, in which the additional millimeters served exclusively to increase legroom in the rear. As far as the engine was concerned, initially four units were available on the domestic market, of which only the 5.

The other three engines were newly developed: Like the 5. An interesting detail to note here is that the model designation of the 3. As with the six-cylinder and the two V8 engines, the twelve-cylinder was also equipped with four-valve technology, variable intake camshaft and an electronic injection system with hot-wire air mass sensor. With all engines a high priority was placed on minimizing exhaust emissions and reducing fuel consumption.

w140 review

The new fully electronic ignition system calculated the optimum ignition point from ignition maps, tuned for each cylinder individually and to the knock limit in each case. The M was the only twelve-cylinder engine worldwide to feature this cylinder-selective anti-knock control. This alone made possible the high compression ratio ofnecessary for optimum use of fuel.

Engine and drive management was also completely new. Here, all control modules communicated with one another via a common data channel, which meant that the control units were jointly active. This served for rapidly warming up the catalytic converters on cold-starting the engine, for example, as well as for acceleration skid control ASR and for the new engine friction torque control, which maintained handling stability during power-off situations on slippery road surfaces. With a seven-liter volume in order to avoid any excess fuel consumption on account of the catalytic converter, it ensured a high degree of long-term stability.

Thanks to an innovative concept involving a double-walled and triple-insulated exhaust manifold, as well as double-walled pipes, the ceramic catalytic converters - embedded in insulating expandable matting - reached the optimum operating temperature in a very short time. In addition to optimizing and reducing exhaust emissions, the Mercedes W series also featured a number of other details that made it a pioneer for environmentally compatible automotive production.I purchased this car a month ago used with miles on it.

The price was right, and I thought it to be a "disposable" car. NOT SO!!!! I have driven much newer mercedes, and this 14 yr old car has not lost a step in performance or comfort. Beware of a "weeping" oil drip of this car. I was stunned and horrified when I discovered it. A little research on the internet told me that the oil should not be at the "max" of the dipstick. The key comes down to maintainance records. If you had an anal previous owner, you are in luck. If you had an owner who saved his pennies to get it and did not want to spend his pennies to maintain it you will have a bad experience.

The most overengineered MBZ ever built. Love the Black leather, don't get the beige or gray. Even has a parking assist in ! I love this car. Best driving car I have ever driven. You can get one for 7K, but make sure it has been taken care of. Mileage is meaningless on this car. Maintenance is most important, and a good mechanic.

The Ultimate S Class Legend, W140 "Кабан" - Classsybenz

These cars can go to 1, miles actually. I think it's in the world record book. The car drives like a sports car. The car is very heavy, so get the S, not the weaker S or S, there too weak to pull this much weight.

And get black interior. I have owned a few MBZ in my life. I had admired the W chasis on the road for many years. Hard to find. Interior: Black is the only way to go. Engine: This is a super heavy car. Don't waste your time with a V6. It's like using a wheel barrel to pull the Queen mary.The Mercedes-Benz W is a series of flagship vehicles that were manufactured by the German automotive company Mercedes-Benz from to The W represented the last of old school German engineering from Mercedes-Benz that leaned on overengineering principle [ according to whom?

As with each generation of S-Class, a plethora of innovations in technology, climate protection, and creature comfort was introduced.

Review of “Flagship” Mercedes Benz S600 W140

Those innovations later trickled down to smaller C-Class and E-Class models over time. The W gained a notoriety for its substantial appearance with tall roof and larger side windows, described as "driving safe box", brick on wheels, moving shoe carton, etc. A further notoriety for the W occurred when Diana, Princess of Wales and two others died in a car crash, involving a S model, in a Paris tunnel.

The only survivor sat in the front passenger seat. The development on the W began inwith official introduction originally set in September Several different design proposals were studied from untilwhen a definitive design proposal by Olivier Boulay was selected on 9 December Several engineering prototypes were evaluated from earlywith the final exterior design locked in September The design patents were filed on 23 February in Germany and 23 August in the United States.

The W became the second model after the R to have this extruded metal grille. This surprise announcement forced Mercedes-Benz to delay the introduction of the W by eighteen months to The delay allowed Mercedes-Benz to develop the new V12 engine and to rearrange the engine bay to accommodate the garguntan V12 engine along with upgrading the brake system. The final development prototypes were completed in Junewith pilot production models being built from June to January The project cost overruns and eighteen-month delay resulted in the departure of Wolfgang PeterMercedes-Benz ' chief engineer.

Consequently, Mercedes-Benz shifted from "engineer's design" to "market-driven design" in the s, resulting in the "lower quality" feel to the subsequent vehicles introduced in the late s to s, starting with the W Mercedes-Benz had a small fleet of 85 W prototypes with V16 engines.

Due to the increasing concern for climate protection and fear of sending a wrong message to the public in the early s, the V16 engine was quietly cancelled. A longer Pullman version with mm wheelbase was introduced in with two engine choices S Pullman and S Pullman. The S Pullman could be ordered with armour package. The W S-Class introduced several safety innovations which have since become commonplace among many vehicles.

A new generation of inline 6 and V8 petrol engines were developed with double-overhead camshafts DOHCfour valves per cylinder, and new variable valve timing.

Only 3. The DOHC, four valves per cylinder, and variable valve timing helped increase the horsepower and torque figures without heavy fuel consumption penalty while reducing the emission. All petrol engines have catalysators during the entire W model run regardless of where they were sold. The 3.

The smaller 2. The larger 3. The M V8 engines were available in 4. InAMG developed a 6.

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